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MA Team Certified in CPR/AED Training

AED On Site

Last month, our Meeting Alliance team participated in a half day CPR/AED training seminar. Nick from Team Life, a New Jersey-based emergency health training organization, came in and gave our team an American Heart Association Certification course in CPR training. Not only is Nick the General Manager at Team Life, but he’s an experienced EMT with over 20 years in the field. With his knowledge, expertise, and real-life examples, Nick thoroughly explained what CPR is and when it is used. He also told us the difference between having a heart attack and going into cardiac arrest (something many people confuse), and that CPR is used for cardiac arrest patients only. Cardiac arrest happens approximately 90 seconds per day in the United States. It can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time. When a person goes into cardiac arrest, there is only about a 10 minute window to revive the person.

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After an informal Q&A, Nick played a video simulating a real-life cardiac arrest situation. Following the video, he went into detail explaining the importance of having an AED to save a person’s life. Having knowledge of CPR and having an AED close by increases the chances of surviving cardiac arrest by 70%. Nick then demonstrated how the AED works and we broke out into groups of three to practice using it.

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“Providing CPR and defibrillator training is essential in the workplace because simply put, it saves lives,” said David D’Eletto, Meeting Alliance Managing Partner. “At Meeting Alliance, we value our clients, employees, and vendors. To further our commitment to those we work with, we offered our associates an opportunity to become CPR certified and to train on the most advanced AED/Defibrillator available. It was a great team-building activity that our associates found tremendous value in. I want to thank the great people at Team Life for their guidance and expertise.”

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“We are proud to work with Meeting Alliance to create a HeartSafe environment at work,” said Jim Schatzle, President of Team Life, Inc.


If your company is interested in CPR/AED training, you can contact Team Life here to inquire about training and AED’s.

CPR Training

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