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Attendee Data Management

When it comes to evaluating the data generated by your event, you need a professional. Meeting Alliance offers as part of its services the following:

Attendee Data Management
Organization and coordination of hotel rooming lists, transportation manifests, activity schedules through customer specific reports. Utilize the meeting website and extract data from the online registration process to best serve the client in all aspects of the program. Develop a five-star meeting based upon the information gained from online registration.

Custom Online Registration
Create and oversee customizable registration sites to be used in gathering meeting/event/company specific information. Supply an online destination where attendees can obtain relevant program details and provide Meeting Alliance with their on-site needs.

Surveys and Program Evaluations
Collect feedback from attendees to produce successful meetings and events. Employ the use of internal Meeting Alliance evaluations.

Event / Meeting Types

Meeting Alliance can provide its clients with planning and coordinating services that encompass all types of business meeting events including, but not limited to the following:

Incentive Programs
Trips to desired locations created to honor and celebrate the client’s top-achieving employees and to promote and motivate winners for further achievement of sales goals.

Advisory Board Meetings
Meetings with specific agendas designed to generate discussion and ideas on how to better provide advice and support.

Product Launches
Events that unveil a new product and provide a platform where employees can learn/be trained about the product and methods in which to sell.

Physician Symposia
Gathering of physicians to review current issues affecting their field and to offer education on related topics.

Sales Meetings
Meetings that bring employees together to focus on sales-related content and material.

Training Meetings
Meetings designed to convey pertinent information in the best environment to train employees in an array of areas.

Investigator Programs
A clinical program that coordinates scientists and physicians with complementary expertise who work together on defined research paths and share their data with one another in a business meeting setting

Financial Management

When planning a business meeting your biggest concern will be cost and return on investment. You want your attendees to go home feeling motivated, rejuvenated and productive, but you don’t want to have to spend an arm and leg to help give them that direction. Hire a professional meeting planning company and that headache will go away. Meeting Alliance performs the following services:

Financial Management
Let Meeting Alliance manage the entire financial aspect of your programs on your behalf. This will allow your organization to set up only ONE vendor for the program; which will help streamline your payments and invoices.

Budget Development and Analysis
We will create and manage the program budget throughout the pre-planning process and monitor the total meeting expenditures to ensure budget compliance.

Deposits and Payment Schedule
We will create a deposit schedule based solely on the deposits required by the hotels and all other meeting-related vendors. We can schedule your program so that your organization will pay two or three deposits and the final invoice.

Final Bill Reconciliation
Any and all bills will be paid by Meeting Alliance on your behalf. This process will allow Meeting Alliance the ability to capture the total spend of the program and present it in a clear and concise manner to you, as the client, at the conclusion of the program.

Complete Cost Analysis of Expenditures
Meeting Alliance will conduct a post-meeting financial analysis to determine the actual Meeting Spend versus the Budget for each program. We will report on any causes for programs going over budget and how we can correct it for future meetings.

Gifts, Amenities & Awards

We’re here to make your business meeting look good and run smoothly. Our services include meeting, convention, and speaker gifts, centerpieces, and hotel amenities. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 elegant gift baskets, fun-filled convention gifts, amenity bags or boxes, imprinted products, awards, golf packages, an employee recognition award, or themed gifts, we’re here to help make your meeting a successful and memorable one. For your meeting let us help you create:

Meeting Materials
Our on-site branding specialist can help to source, design and customize any item you may need to make your meeting a success. We can assist in custom, themed-logo design and execution for all meeting materials.

Custom Promotional Marketing Products
We are able to source and purchase the exact marketing products to fit your meeting needs. We can locate and obtain the right product to support the theme and content of your program.

Corporate Gifts
We can help make your meeting special by matching the right gift for your attendees, award winners and special guests. We have a number of corporate gift vendors to provide a host of gift choices.

Company Merchandise Design
We have an on-staff branding specialist who can help carry the thematic design of your program into all meeting merchandise and materials. We are experts at locating “green” products to match your company’s green/environmental policies.

Awards Design
We can help design custom awards that are as special and important as the winners themselves. We work with clients to help realize their vision and company culture in all awards.

Meeting / Event Design & Development

At Meeting Alliance we can help you design and develop your business meeting or corporate event from the first day to the last. We have years of experience and we know all the hurdles and pitfalls a meeting can suffer from if not carefully thought out and planned. Our Meeting Design & Development Services are:

Complete Event Design
We cover every detail of your event so you can focus on the content.

Unique Banquets, Activities, and Special Events
We can create a theme that surrounds all aspects of your event. We design activities, games, and prizes to work with your theme and make your event a success.

Corporate Retreat Program Design
Let us help you design inventive workshops and team-building exercises. We can tailor your program to be an exciting adventure for participants while working towards your company goals.

Conference Schedule Design
We have experience with large-scale conferences and we know the challenges of planning such events. Let our experience guide you toward scheduling your company’s time effectively.

Trade Show Planning
We’ve participated in hundreds of tradeshows over the years. We can aid in choosing a venue, booth layout, decoration, promotion, and events.

Special Event Planning
We have the partnerships and resources to make your event memorable. We’ve helped groups of a few dozen to thousands. At Meeting Alliance we can help you design and develop your business meeting or corporate event from the first day to the last. We have years of experience and we know all the hurdles and pitfalls a meeting can suffer from if not carefully thought out and planned. We have years of experience and know all of the hurdles and pitfalls a meeting can suffer from if not carefully thought out and planned.

Onsite Staffing & Logistics

Let’s face it, putting a meeting together is “a lot of work”. You just can’t do it all yourself. That’s why you need to hire a professional planning company who can help put it all together and make it run without any glitches. Our services include putting together the perfect staff for your event as well as managing it from the start to the finish.

Onsite Meeting Specialist
Our dedicated onsite specialist will work closely with their onsite leads to ensure their department runs flawlessly along with all other departments.

Comprehensive Onsite Management
Meeting Alliance will provide “onsite leads” with strengths in specific areas to manage departments such as food and beverage, transportation, VIP’s, hospitality.

Onsite Staffing and Logistics
With over 150 meeting specialists in our database, Meeting Alliance will provide professional onsite staffing to ensure your meeting runs seamlessly.

Site / Venue Sourcing

You’ve got the idea for the event, but you don’t know how you’re going to put it all together in time and you have no idea where you’re going to host it. Let our many years of experience with destination, hotel/resort and venue research help you. Our sourcing services and benefits include:

Worldwide Destination, Hotel and Venue Knowledge
Meeting Alliance’s Sourcing Team has extensive knowledge of a wide range of domestic and international destinations, hotels, dining and recreational venues. We can recommend a variety of unique venue options in any location based on your specific program requirements.

Well-Established Hotel, Venue and DMC Relationships
Based on our long-term relationships and high business volume with many domestic and international hotel companies, dining venues, recreational venues and destination management companies, we are able to consistently negotiate the most competitive pricing for our clients’ yearly meeting and incentive events in any geographic location.

Venue Sourcing and Event Proposal Response Time
When sourcing hotels, dining venues and recreational venues, our guarantee is to submit to our clients all domestic venue availability and pricing quotes within 24 hours and all international venue availability and pricing quotations within 48 hours.

Contract Negotiations
Based on our long-term domestic and international vendor relationships, we are able to consistently negotiate and secure the most equitable contracts for our clients in terms of the most competitive guestroom rates, meeting room rental fees, concessions, group dining venue pricing, recreational/team building pricing, audio visual equipment pricing and transportations costs. We can also negotiate all terms of an organization’s contract addendum with any venue.

Site Inspection Coordination
Our Sourcing team can coordinate all aspects of a site inspection including hotel guestroom accommodations, hotel tours, airport transfers, dining and recreational venue tours and appointments with local destination management companies and audio visual production companies.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners are an extension of Meeting Alliance that provide a seamless team effort at all of our meetings and events. We utilize strategic partners in the following areas:

Destination Management
Our DMC partners are top in the industry with proven service in their individual locations. They provide transportation, themed events and offsite event logistics.

Production, Staging, and Audio-Visual
These vendors are valuable partners of Meeting Alliance that bring a comprehensive understanding to the needs of our clients. From small audiovisual needs for breakouts to large complex general sessions.

Air Coordination
We partner with various travel companies to provide air transportation to all meetings and events.  We have formed these partnerships based upon above average commitment to customer service.

Printing and Graphics
Our printing/graphic partners bring an important element to our meeting/event planning. We believe creativity, high levels of service, and “thinking outside of the box” are valued by our client base.