Earth Day 2020

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Earth Day 2020


April 22 is Earth Day. Not just in the United States but across the globe, in over 190 countries Earth Day is celebrated today. However this year is special, not only are we celebrating Earth Day during an ongoing global health crisis, but it marks the 50th anniversary of the modern environmental movement.*

At Meeting Alliance we celebrate Earth Day every year as part of our Alliance for Change initiative. In the past we have planted trees around our office and flowers at near by nursing homes. Not only do we strive for environmental protection at our home office, we also practice going green at the meetings and events we plan. From using recyclable tableware to eliminating bottled water and utilizing WaterMonsters; we are always looking for a way to save the environment.

This year as the world is under quarantine we are seeing areas return to its natural state as humans aren’t polluting the air, land, and water around us. However when this subsides, Meeting Alliance will not be done protecting the Earth. This year we had our employees make a Planet Earth Pledge, varying from turning off lights in the house, to planting an herb garden, and motivating others to do the same. Our company voted on the best submission and it was close! Below is our winner and the other posts from our wonderful staff.


Our Winner


Thank you to our Staff!


And a few video submissions as well!







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