Alliance for Change: Water Bottles for Hati


Alliance for Change: Water Bottles for Hati

This past summer, Meeting Alliance partnered with Convention and Visitor Bureaus across the country to provide water bottles to children in Haiti. The Cannot (pronounced Kuh-not) School is a Christian school located in the mountains of a remote area outside of St. Marc, Haiti. Where most Haitian schools require students to pay a minimal amount of money in order to attend, along with purchasing their books and uniform, students at Cannot do not have to pay. The school is composed of approximately 90 children who are handpicked by the staff at the school, whom they believe to be the neediest in the area.  Through a sponsorship program students are provided with three hot meals a week in addition to bread and peanut butter daily.

This summer the organization reached out because they were trying to bring flip flops and water bottles to the kids. We work closely with our CVB partners and thought it would be meaningful for the children to know people all over the US wanted to help. Our friends from Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Cincinnati, Miami and Nashville all responded immediately and with enthusiasm when Director of Sourcing, Mary Jo Kouch reached out to them for assistance. In no time, boxes were arriving and bottles were covering the office. On a trip in June, volunteers from the Haiti Mission Team personally delivered a variety of bottles to the kids and they were overjoyed.

We can’t thank our CVB partners enough for their generosity and ongoing commitment to social responsibility. Thanks also to the teams of volunteers focused on improving the lives of children in Haiti.

To learn more about this organization and how you can help: