Meeting Alliance during COVID-19


These are unprecedented times our world did not see coming. It crept up on us fast and next thing you knew our teams were working from home and meetings were postponed. It wasn’t just our office that was affected, it was the entire industry, the entire world. From housekeeping staff to airline cabin crew, Uber drivers to tour guides, concerts, hotels, ballrooms, and casinos. Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This is not a time for our industry to stop in its tracks, while the meetings have been postponed, we are gearing up for a busy fall. As our office is closed per NJ Law, our employees are far from idle. Our entire team has taken on the task of educating each other on different areas of business. We have all begun watching webinars and signing up online for continuing education classes to further expand our knowledge of this vast industry. Not only are we watching and digesting these videos we are summarizing and sharing the information among our peers via email and zoom conference calls.

In the coming weeks we will share the information we have gathered through this blog sharing the links for webinars and articles we have referenced. We hope your team is able to utilize this knowledge and share your findings with us. Meeting Alliance is here for you.


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